Safety Education and Training - for our employees and our subcontractors
To Our Subcontractors:

As a PCC subcontractor or a construction worker, safety education and practice must be your critical mission. We are dedicated to constantly monitor and improve the health and welfare of your working environment. Keep in mind that ignoring safe practices is not tolerated by Preferred Construction Company. PCC has a zero tolerance policy toward violations of our safety awareness efforts.

PCC has never had an accident or safety violation in its history, and is proud to be the recipient of the safety STAR AWARD from NAVFAC.

Start our recommended online safety course below. When finished, email your Certificate of Completion to us. Ask us about the incentives we offer to those that complete PCC's safety training.

ONLINE TRAINING COURSE - Complete at your own pace - Email your Certificate to PCC when finished. If you are part of the Subcontractor Deligate Program, this is mandatory before starting work. Remember, your time is paid by PCC.

Go to the Online Safety Course

Download the Entire EM 385-1-1 Safety and Health Manual
NOTE: This is a 10MB PDF file and will take some time to download.

EM 385-1-1

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